The Most Frequent Question - Customer Asks

Is it painful?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to treatments. Some products have lidocaine (numbing) in them, whilst others do not. In most cases its simply uncomfortable but bearable pain. However, we do know that pain is subjective, and it depends on your pain threshold. Some clients don’t feel anything whilst others feel everything.

Will I still look like me?

Yes! The whole point of aesthetics is to improve your natural and existing looks to make you look and feel refreshed whilst still looking like yourself. All of our ‘tweakments’ are tailored to your individual needs

Who is doing my treatment?

All treatments and consultations are completed by our Nurse Natasha. You are in safe hands with her. If you want a treatment that is not suitable for you, she will advise you and discuss your options with you.

Do I need a top up for Botox?

Top ups are required if your treatment hasn’t taken after 14-28 days. This may happen due to many reasons, you may be stressed, anxious, a regular gym goer or you simply have strong muscles and a few wrinkles. If you need a top up you can book one in with the clinic where you were seen, please note there is a small fee for this as it requires more product.

How much filler will I need?

Filler comes in 0.5ml, 1ml, 2ml depending on the brand. How much you need will be dependent on the area being treated and the type of product being used. We always prefer to start with less and add more as required. Here is a rough guide.

Do a lot of men get this done?

Yes, it is common for men and women both to have treatments. Afterall everybody wants to look and feel good.

Can I have treatments when I’m pregnant or if I’m breastfeeding?

No. This is because we don’t test products on pregnant women, its unethical. We don’t want anything to happen to your bundle of joy. We don’t know if products are transmitted through breastmilk or to the foetus during pregnancy. Pregnant women are also at higher risk of infections. So, when you’ve had your baby and finished breastfeeding come and get your mommy makeover

How long does this last?

We offer a lot of different treatments and the longevity will vary from person to person. The life of your treatment will depend on your metabolism as well as your lifestyle. This means it is not just dependant on the product used. The product that works wonders for your friend might not be the best product for you. Our nurse is always around to give you the right advice depending on what you are trying to achieve from your treatment after all its not one size fits all, your unique and so should your treatment plan be.

Is my face Asymmetric?

To put it simply, Yes! Everyone’s face is slightly asymmetrical. This is perfectly normal, our eyebrows aren’t the same, our ears, our feet, even our mouths are wonky. We don’t notice because we are used to seeing it this way. When you have your treatment asymmetries will be pointed out to you for your information. Where possible we aim to keep the face as symmetrical as possible as we know aesthetics is injectable art. Lip/filler dissolving- We offer a filler dissolving service. We know that everything can’t be 100% all of the time and some patients are left with lumps and bumps from other practitioners and don’t want to return or they may simple have gotten carried away and overfilled their lips. We can dissolve this. Please be aware that after being dissolved filler cannot be readded for approximately 14 days. As we will end up dissolving your new product and nobody wants that. We offer Mole and skin tag removal. However, all moles must be checked by your GP prior to being removed. This will ensure all moles are purely cosmetic and safe to be removed.


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